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Kennebunkport Maine Area Beaches

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Kennebunk and Kennebunkport Beaches:
Mothers BeachMother’s Beach – Short sandy section of perfect sand beach which is well protected. Playground. Stickers required, available at Town Hall. No facilities. Lifeguard on duty.
Gooch’s Beach– Largest part of Kennebunk Beach, along Beach Avenue, with talcum powder sand. Often referred to as "Kennebunk Beach." Parking sticker required, available at Town Hall. No snack bar. Portable toilets. Lifeguards.
Middle Beach – Rocky section of Kennebunk Beach between Mother’s and Gooch’s with pretty black stones. Sticker also required.
Colony Beach – At the mouth of the Kennebunk River lies this 150-foot beach. Limited parking. No lifeguard.
Cleaves Cove Beach – Secluded and scenic beach off Ocean Avenue. No parking. No facilities. No lifeguards.
Goose Rocks Beach – Very soft sand, great for walking. Scenic and beautiful. Parking sticker required or trolley access. No facilities or lifeguard.

Kennebunkport Area Beach Photos

Kennebunk Beach

Colony Beach - Half mile walk from 82 Ocean

Mothers Beach

Mothers Beach in Distance

Goose Rocks Beach

Kennebunk (Gooch's) Beach

Kennebunk (Gooch's) Beach

Goose Rocks Beach

Goose Rocks

Colony Beach

Kennebunkport Beaches and Kennebunk Beach Maine

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